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Housing Justice

Housing Justice

Today, Flock's profits come from managing homes.
But we cannot ignore the past.

The real estate industry and its generation to generation wealth creation has been out of reach for many Black and Brown individuals. Redlining alone tells the story we have to study as a very real social, political and economic conspiracy to prevent (predominantly) Black homeownership. Together with the Greater Washington Community Foundation, we're planting seeds for the equitable future we want to be part of.


In late fall of 2020, Flock’s birdSEED expanded into a fund designed to offer down payment grants to Black and Brown residents of the District of Columbia. Is this a financial windfall for many who have long sought home ownership? Not quite yet. Does it shift the conversation and invite those who have squarely benefited from an industry that excluded others to consider their responsibility? It should. Our peers might say: “but I didn’t cause the problem!” To which we say: “Maybe not, but it’s your responsibility - it’s OUR responsibility to UNDO it.” We have seeded this fund with $215,000 and intend to continuously fundraise so we can make quarterly grants ranging from $5,000 to $15,000 to buyers in the District.


To support the program or to GET support from the program, visit the site


Flock DC is a family of companies laser focused on people and place.

We manage home and tend to our community.

Happy modern dwellers and happy homeowners cultivate stronger, sustainable, more equitable and robust local communities and economies. We are a mission driven, values based motherbird that privileges purpose over profit.

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