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Microgrants for the
rest of us

Our Flock will award $2,500 to an individual, group or organization with a project or program that does the District good. Change doesn’t need to be overcomplicated. We intend to keep it simple.

To apply, describe the project or program, the timeline and budget in one single page.


Applications Pending

Please stay tuned for updates


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  • DC City Resident(s) with DC impact are eligible
  • Program or project must wrap in 3 months
  • We love non-profits but you need not be tied to one to apply
  • One page description of : Project/program summary, Impact, Budget and Timeline
  • Reviewed by Flock philanthropy committee
  • We’ll announce the winner with press release, and you will too!
  • Winner will report on progress/outcomes within 3 months so we can sing your praises through our social media channels
  • If you've submitted an application in 2019 and have not yet been chosen, your application will automatically be reconsidered.
  • Not ready? We expect a return flight on this program


Let's smash
your goals




As a FLOCK, we give time, money, space, and our passion for real change. We honor makers, doers and disrupters.

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