Boutique Real Estate Companies Nest DC, Roost DC, and Starling DC Launch New Umbrella Brand: Flock DC

DC’s most recognized boutique property management company, Nest DC, employee-owned condo association management company Roost DC, and construction and maintenance gurus Starling DC are launching a new umbrella brand - Flock DC.


Flock ties together Nest, Roost, and Starling via shared values and vision, a unified commitment to growth, and a hyper focus on community. From fundraising to franchising, this lifestyle company manages philanthropy, culture, partnerships, and business development across all current and future Flock brands.






Nest DC

Nest manages residential rental units throughout Washington, DC, with a commitment to customer service and emphasis on quality spaces and excellent living experiences.

Roost DC

Roost DC is the only employee-owned management company in the city. Roost DC will build on the Nest legacy by continuing to fill a unique need in the real estate marketplace by providing a high quality of life for tenants, and infinite opportunity for employees.

Starling DC

Starling fills a gap in the DC real estate landscape offering nimble field solutions in a city that’s short on time! Starling specializes in turnover projects and getting spaces move-in ready for happy residents.
  • “A commitment to excellence is our economic engine. The winner? The city and the citizen.

    Lisa Wise, CEO Flock DC


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