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August Podcast Round Up!

What are we doing if we aren’t making an impact? lisa and our Flock team have been busy engaging in industry-shaking conversations to show the world what we can accomplish not only in the real estate industry but in our communities. For some of our recent highlights, take a look (and a listen!) below:

Graphic showing the logos of the four podcasts mentioned in this post.


  1. Owner Occupied with Peter Lohmann: lisa wise Putting People Place Above Profit Peter and lisa take a deep dive into Flock DC and the companies that come under it. lisa goes into detail about her newest company, BirdWatch, which offers subscription home maintenance for homeowners. 
  2. The REI Concierge Podcast If you like to stay informed (who doesn’t?), Tim and Lisa talk with Lydia La Motta, Director of Engagement at Flock.  You’ll want to take notes on this one! Lydia shares impactful knowledge on why “Section 8” is no longer how we talk about the Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCVP) in DC, overcoming stigmas, and beating systems that do not work. 
  3. Lending with Purpose  How is it possible to award “no-strings” downpayment funds to BIPOC neighbors? lisa and Shawn discuss how her company does just that. lisa also goes on to tell her inspirational story of where she’s from, and how she started Nest which ultimately led to the parent company, Flock DC and its multiple management companies. Listen in for where she’s going from BirdWatch to her first book “Self Elected”, available in the Fall. If you’re looking for a cohesive update on everything Flock and lisa wise, look no further.
  4. Reality Check: Get a peek at how the BirdSeed Foundation is able to use a one-page application and a picture, to award grants for BIPOC first-time homebuyers. This is rapid philanthropy!  lisa joins Charles on WURD Radio to discuss her company's foundation, along with her purpose-driven approach to running her community-oriented company.


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