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Your DC Holiday Gift Guide

A behind-the-scenes, unexpected holiday shopping guide.

You know what November brings. Voting! And the beginning of the holidays. Don't forget to vote with your dollars and keep your holiday shopping local.

DC entrepreneurs and close pals Stacey Price and lisa wise had a cheerful chat to put together their unexpected list of holiday shopping tips.


A DC street view of building facades.
A view of some Adams Morgan facades from the street.


lisa: Okay, Stacey, is this list too hard or too easy? You're the owner of Shop Made in DC/VA/MD. Holiday shoppers flock to your stores!

Stacey: You know, Holidays aren't just about stuff, lisa – even the locally-made, high-quality goods we have in our stores. I challenge us all to think outside the shopping bag— how do we buy from small businesses and also add something more creative to support our community?

lisa: Great idea! If the holidays are about coming together, let your gift-giving journey bring you even closer to those you love AND to your community this year.

Stacey: I think we have to start with experiences​​​​​​. DC offers adventure, nature, and abundant and free art. Check out our DIY classes and Wine + Watercolors at our store. Pop underground in Dupont or throw axes in Ivy City. Get lost on a five-mile hike through Rock Creek. Book a staycation and check into the Line Hotel in Adams Morgan. Stroll to brunch at Birch & Barley before heading back to reality.

lisa: I love that, Stacey. It reminds me that time itself is a gift. If you've got friends with kiddos, give them a few hours or overnight for a reset. Or a nap! Help someone with a household project like painting a room or landscaping.

Stacey: Speaking of time, there's nothing better than getting lost in words. I love the gift of language. Don't you love getting mail that's not bills? Send a locally-made card or pass along a book with a note. You know, we have so many great bookstores in town, including Solid State Books, Mahogany Books, Loyalty Books, Politics and Prose, and our favorite, Busboys and Poets.

lisa: This one is always a win- because it can be so personalized. Each holiday, XX and I give each other a favorite book and enjoy talking about them over wine. That's a sweet tradition.

Stacey: You know I have a sweet tooth, and there is no shortage of holiday gift ideas that include food and drink! Every year I make a jam or infused liquor to give. We can't forget locally-made chocolate. I also like to give gift cards to local eateries and specialty stores. Some of my favorites? Soleluna Bakery in Adams Morgan. Lutece in Georgetown. Also, The Roost food hall in Capitol Hill– a card there gets you access to 10 restaurants and the new Show of Hands Bar (I do love a cocktail!)

lisa, you started the birdSEED Foundation, a housing justice non-profit. So I'll speak for you. Donate to organizations that support our community and advance equity.


A graphic that summarizes the mission of the birdSEED Foundation.
A donation to birdSEED goes directly towards funding first-time homeowner down payment grants.

lisa: Stacey, I have one more BONUS tip: Volunteer. There is no way to bring all of the above at one. Spend time with people you care about, share stories over a meal break, bond, and create shared experiences.

Stacey: Well said, lisa. It's great to have peers that care about making the world a better and more just place… and understand that with each local purchase, we are growing a robust local economy and community. 

lisa: See you at the store, Stacey!

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