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Tanae Gamble
Co-Living Leasing Specialist

What I do at Flock :
I support the co-living leasing team in promoting units and finding homes for like-minded people who'd prefer a more flexible/affordable living concept.

Where I’m from originally :
Born in DC, but lived in Maryland for most of my life

Where I went to school :
My favorite snack is :
Demet's Turtles (original pecan) - hands down!

Home is :
Home is a place where family and friends can gather and have a great time together without doing much of anything. But it's also a place where I can make old fashioneds and watch scary movies after my son falls asleep haha


Flock DC is a family of companies laser focused on people and place.

We manage home and tend to our community.

Happy modern dwellers and happy homeowners cultivate stronger, sustainable, more equitable and robust local communities and economies. We are a mission driven, values based motherbird that privileges purpose over profit.

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