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Patricia Mendoza
Leasing Assistant

I’m a sports, pets, music, and outdoors lover who has over 10 years of experience in customer service. I’ve worked in many different kinds of companies where I learned how important it is to always provide the best service. Because that defines who I am, for me it is always important to give that extra effort to make a positive change and impact in humans in a positive way. I’m a perfectionist, well-organized person who knows when to be humble, to accept when something is out of my hands, or when I need to ask for help to my team... Easier said than done! I enjoy every process; I go with the flow.

When I’m not in my seat singing and/or dancing while doing my job, I’m enjoying the love of my pets, Lana, Lola, and Bohio. Every day I go for a walk or bike-ride with my two dogs. I'm a big lover of technology and I enjoy to watch a good series/movie.


Flock DC is a family of companies laser focused on people and place.

We manage home and tend to our community.

Happy modern dwellers and happy homeowners cultivate stronger, sustainable, more equitable and robust local communities and economies. We are a mission driven, values based motherbird that privileges purpose over profit.

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