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Nilton Franco
Director of Finance

I’m no stranger to hard work and the small business environment. I’m a first generation son of immigrants who run a cleaning company. I have been part of my family business from an early age and customer service is in my blood. And I liked cleaning up the numbers best! Finance has always been a natural fit for me and when paired with customer service, it’s the perfect role. I spent eight years working retail but coming to Nest (and later Roost) in 2017, I was offered the opportunity and agency to develop systems and workflows that serve our clients best. Being highly responsive, caring and empathic with residents and clients alike is my signature. I’m proud now to be overseeing client finances for both Nest + Roost where I manage a team of accounting professionals that are all eager and ready to serve. Speaking of which, when I’m not polishing up my first home, I serve in the Marine Reserves because this country has given so much to me and my family, I wanted to give back.


Flock DC is a family of companies laser focused on people and place.

We manage home and tend to our community.

Happy modern dwellers and happy homeowners cultivate stronger, sustainable, more equitable and robust local communities and economies. We are a mission driven, values based motherbird that privileges purpose over profit.

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