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Gabriel Villanueva
Starling Turnover Technician

I've lived in the DC area since I was four years old and have followed in my dad's footsteps working construction and doing contracting work. Coming to work for Nest and Starling was a logical progression and I am so glad I made the change in spring of 2018! Now, I get to fully manage my own projects and crew all while handling any problems that come up throughout the day. That might include floods, lockouts, urgent repairs, getting a space ready for new residents or just dropping an emergency refrigerator if one breaks down. It’s an honor to take good care of the residents and make their homes shine. I know that anything can be solved with a positive attitude, which is the spirit my parents instilled in me when they made their lives here after coming from El Salvador. Now I live in Hyattsville with my wife, daughter, father in-law Andy and our dog, Scooby. Fun fact, I get to commute to work with Andy every day since we are both proud Nesters!


Flock DC is a family of companies laser focused on people and place.

We manage home and tend to our community.

Happy modern dwellers and happy homeowners cultivate stronger, sustainable, more equitable and robust local communities and economies. We are a mission driven, values based motherbird that privileges purpose over profit.

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