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Flock & Friends: Reading Partners

As we enter the giving season, we'll highlight some of our Flock fave organizations, businesses, makers, and disrupters around DC. One of them is Reading Partners, a national nonprofit dedicated to improving the future of our kiddo. They provide underserved students with the literary support and the guidance they need to thrive in school. Reading Partners believes that reading is the foundation of all future learning. Check out what RP DC Program Director, Nadia McNeil-Thomas, had to say about their work!


Q: What do you do on the daily at Reading Partners? 

A: One of the things we do is develop and mobilize a team of regional program staff to implement all aspects of Reading Partners’ mission, including all aspects of program quality, delivery, and implementation in all schools within the region. To help accomplish this, I maintain school partners, build and leverage new school partnerships, and build relationships with districts and schools to support scale in the region. And ultimately, we as an organization are always looking for and creating ways to deepen the impact of the students we serve in ways such as family engagement.

Q: What is the inspiration behind Reading Partners?

A: Reading Partners works to change the education landscape and solve the literacy crisis by leveraging community volunteers in under-resourced schools. Our volunteers provide one-on-one tutoring to students twice weekly, and our program is proven to help children master the reading fundamentals they need to unlock their potential as successful, happy, and confident readers in school and in life.

Q: How can our community best support you & the people who work for you?

A: One of the best ways to support the efforts of Reading Partners is to volunteer to tutor a student. Committing to just one hour a week can have a tremendous, life-long positive impact on a young person. Currently, our goal is to have over 1,200 volunteers to tutor 1,100 students.

Q: What were some of your most exciting milestones in the past year?

A: This past year, Reading Partners DC was able to hold over 12,000 tutoring sessions and serve over 600 students in our community. Also, 82% of our K-2 students developed the mastery of key foundational reading skills needed to read at grade level. We did this despite a second full year of COVID-19 disruptions!

Q: What are you looking forward to in 2023?
We are looking forward to strengthening our returning partnerships, fully developing and engaging with our new partners, expanding our reach in the DC metro area and serving even more students this year, 1,100. Forming new partnerships is going to be very exciting as we would love to branch out to MD and VA school districts closest to DC.

To learn more about Reading Partner's DC location, click here!

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