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Flock & Friends: Pinwheel Clay

Nothing makes us happier than spreading the word about all the incredible local businesses we have here in the DMV. Even better? Spreading the word on a local, WOC-owned business! So you can imagine the smile on our faces when we had the opportunity to chat with Maggie and Ezrah, owners of Pinwheel Clay. Pinwheel Clay is a handcrafted polymer clay jewelry shop that aims to provide confidence and happiness to all that wear their beautiful, handmade products. Learn more about them below!

Q: What do you do on the daily at Pinwheel Clay? 

A: "Every day, we both engage in social media via posting, commenting, and researching new ideas. In addition to socials, we may be working on earrings, packing orders, and working on the website, and keep track of finances and inventory. There is always something to do and we prioritize and plan as much as possible."


Q: What is the inspiration behind Pinwheel Clay?

A: "Pinwheel Clay was inspired by a trip that we took to New England a few years ago. We discovered a boutique in Portland, Maine, where Ezrah purchased some polymer clay earrings made by a local artist. This started the conversation of exploring if we wanted to start making our own earrings and possibly start our own business as well. After some trials and tests, we learned that we really enjoyed working with polymer clay and decided to launch Pinwheel Clay."

Q: Who have been some of your favorite customers so far?

A: "We love all of our customers, and our favorites would definitely be our repeat customers. It is so satisfying to have customers love their first pair of Pinwheel Clay earrings that they would want to come back and shop with us again."


Q: How can our community best support Pinwheel Clay?

A: "Shopping local is the best way to support Pinwheel Clay. For supporters not able to shop with us, engaging and sharing our social media content, telling family and friends about us helps get the word out about our business."


Q: What does running a DMV-based, WOC-owned business mean to you?

A: "We believe representation matters, and we’re proud members of the AAPI community. We try to incorporate elements of our heritage in our work (we dedicated one collection to Maggie’s mom’s hometown in the Philippines). We’ve both lived in the DMV area for the last 10+ years, and we love the connections and relationships we’ve built in the small business community."

PS: If you can hardly wait to get your hands on some Pinwheel Jewelry after reading this, you're not alone. Maggie and Ezrah drop a new collection along with additional products on the 8th of every month, so that is when they recommend you go for it. Stay in the loop via their Linktree, here!


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