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DC Street Smarts: Parking Zones and Street Cleaning

Nothing ruins your day like a ticket on your windshield. Actually, nothing ruins your day like walking to your car and realizing that it’s been towed. Along with that tow comes a hefty fine to boot. See what we did there?

Here’s what we know about parking zones and street sweeping in DC. Keep these tips in mind to help you keep your day, car, and wallet intact. 

What’s an RPP? A Residential Parking Permit is required for parking in your residential parking zone. Your RPP is located on your registration sticker on the driverside of the windshield. This number reflects the zone you live in. Sometimes, your zone is the same as your Ward, but not always.

A map of DC's parking zones.
A map of DC's parking zones.

Most streets have 2-hour limited parking except for permitted residents. You must display your permit sticker or abide by the 2-hour parking rule.

There are some blocks in zones and Wards without restricted parking that are open to anyone for an unlimited time. If you live in a zone without registration, your sticker will say “NO RPP.” Be careful; you still cannot park in restricted parking areas even if it is in your zone! 

There are also blocks with restricted parked regardless of your residency. 

Pro tip: When parking in an unfamiliar area, always read all of the parking signs on the block. You may think the rules are obvious, but you’re not a real DC driver until you’ve gotten a ticket due to ignoring (very confusing) signs that seemingly counteract each other. [Insert photo of some crazy DC parking signs]

You are registered for your RPP as a part of the registration process with your eligible vehicle. If your RPP has expired, or if you move, damage your windshield, or change your vehicle, you must remove your permit and replace it with a new one. For more information, go to the DMV site.

An RPP is certified by DDOT. More information


Street Sweeping

The street sweeping season is the bane of our existence. We set reminders on our phones to move our cars mid-day, circle the neighborhood six times to get a legal spot, and somehow it’s still inevitable that we’ll get one ticket every season! 

The Street Cleaning Program runs from March 1 through October 31st, and we cheer the day it ends every Fall! While you are likely very familiar with the sweeping days in your neighborhood and by your office, don’t forget to pay attention outside of those areas! Signs note hours of operation and designated days for street sweeping. Cars left during these hours will be ticketed! Will the streets actually get swept? Just maybe.

Check out this street cleaning map to coordinate parking during those hours; always be in the know with the real-time street cleaning updates and parking solutions with the Spot Angels App! For more information, check out their site.

At Flock, we believe that happy homes make for happy residents, who cultivate strong, local communities that sustain our city, DC. Check out our other posts for more happy home content!

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